Welcome to the Dhamma Vijaya Buddhist Vihara (DVBV)

The Dhamma Vijaya Buddhist Vihara Inc. (ABN 61534081067, INC 2100940) is a Sri Lankan Theravada Buddhist Temple established with the following objectives in mind:


To promote the study and practice of the Buddha’s teachings of insight and compassion as documented in the Pali Tripitaka


To appreciate cultural and religious Buddhist traditions which help understand the purpose of life and the well-being of mankind


To undertake activities which enhance the well-being of the individual, family, community, and society


To organize charitable welfare programs to assist the community at large

The Dhamma Vijaya Buddhist Vihara is operated under a Trust, and is managed by an Executive Committee headed by the Chief Resident Priest.

2024 Calendar of Events

Dhamma Vijaya Buddhist Vihara – 2024 Calendar of Events

This is a Dhamma Vijaya Buddhist Vihara 2024 Event Calendar, including Monthly Sil Program, Meditation & Dhamma Discussion, Dhamma School and Special Events.

What We Offer

Upcoming Events & Past Events

Vesak (May) Month Upcoming Events

Past Events

Annual Katina Ceremony 2023 – Photo Gallery

11th November 2023
Thornleigh Community Centre Cnr Phyllis and Central Avenues, Thornleigh

How You Can Help

“සබ්බදානං ධම්මදානං ජිනාති”
“Sabbha Danan Dhamma Danan Jinathi”
“The Gift of Dhamma Excels All Other Gifts”

The Dhamma Vijaya Buddhist Vihara is maintained by the generous contributions made by its Devotees. These meritorious donations assist with the upkeep and day to day expenses of the temple. Your continuous support ensures that the temple meets its objectives in providing a service to the community.

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